The service allows you to get your property checked professionally before you move in. New properties are given a thorough inspection-which means checking for every possible defect and snag before you receive the keys.

When buying any new property, a ‘snag list’ inspection should be arranged before the sale of the property is completed, to outline the small pieces of work – commonly known as ‘snags’ – that need to be finished. This ensures you are not stumbling on a series of problems that your builder hoped you wouldn’t notice, after you move in!

Essentially clients use this service for peace of mind. Knowing that you are living in a new home or working in new space which is truly finished to professional standards saves a lot of money, time (and stress!) in the long run. That’s certainly been the   experience.

When appropriate, included are photos outlining snags and defects that are particularly difficult to describe or merit particular mention outside the report. All external and internal areas of the property are inspected and included in the report. The fee is charged upon completion of the inspection and at the time of presentation of the documents. This fee is a minor cost in relation to the cost of sorting out problems arising weeks, months or even years after the completion of the property.

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